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We are a small firm in constant pursuit of better building. Our specialities include high performance structures, historic homes and sustainable design. Most projects draw from a variety of salvaged building resources in concert with contemporary techniques and materials. 

Our range of experience provides a solid base for a variety of projects ranging from thoughtful outbuildings to ground up prefabricated homes.  We prefer projects with a heavy focus on good design and delightful use of smaller spaces.  

Our team is effective and accountable. We take pride in measuring up to the highest standards of building performance while delivering comfortable homes that meet the diverse needs of modern families. Our sites are friendly and inclusive with a spirit of collaboration. 

Lauren Hathaway, Co-Founder 

Lauren is responsible for the daily operations including office administration, contract management, project selections and client communication. She has a degree in fine art and a knack for organization along with 15 years of industry experience. In addition to keeping projects on track she enjoys coparenting three wild little children and practicing the art of thrifting.

Mike Hathaway, Co-Founder 

Mike has a reputation for attention to detail and bringing challenging projects to completion.  He has a degree in Environmental Studies and more than 20 years in construction.  Prior to founding Revival he worked for Bensonwood Homes in Walpole, NH and traveled  the US raising timber frame, component built structures. Mike’s responsibilities include sales, project management, field operations and Dad jokes. 

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